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Website: https://odiditravel.com/

The website is designed to be simple and sophisticated, making it easy for customers to search for tour packages and combos according to their needs. With many attractive tour packages and eye-catching shapes, Odiditravel.com will surely bring users interesting experiences.

1. Search function

The search function allows customers to easily find the right tour package or combo, when clicking on the drop-down bar box with many famous landmarks across the country and abroad, users can choose a destination by Clicking on a location.

In addition, users can search by date and departure from their location with an enhanced level of accuracy, or can also search by desired utility type such as Combo/Daily/Tour.

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Users can enter a place or any place, the search results return with all tour/combo/daily tour packages that match your keywords, this feature is extremely handy for your needs. customer search.

2. Home page

The homepage is the highlight of the entire website, here we can find almost all of the website's information such as banners, a search bar, slides of special offers, sharp images of places famous for tourism at home and abroad, and finally some articles of travel guide.

The homepage is neither too simple nor too complicated, making it easy for users to find the necessary information and choose the right travel services for them.

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3. Utility Combo subpages/ Daily tour/ Domestic tour/ Overseas tour

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These pages have a similar layout: including special promotional packages with extremely attractive prices will be placed at the top, making it easy for customers to search.

4. Detail page

The detail page contains the full content of the tour package including address, price, general and basic information, detailed schedule, and general regulations of that tour package.

Here you can easily leave your information by clicking the Contact Us button or Request a consultation, the Odidi Travel team will quickly connect and guide you to choose the right tour package.

5. Travel guide

Odidi Travel's travel guide page is a great place to find information about fascinating places around the world as well as fascinating travel experiences. Will provide you with helpful tips and detailed information on unique tourist attractions, from the old town to the exciting modern landmarks.

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6. About Us page

This is the place to introduce the company to the mission, vision, and core values of Odidi Travel. In addition, the about us page also introduces the staff and agents/collaborators of Odidi Travel, helping you better understand the Odidi Travel brand.

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7. Recruitment

Odidi Travel's job page is where you can search for job opportunities in the tourism industry. With a clear job description and a handy registration form, it is easy for you to register if you want to accompany Odidi Travel.

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Above is the specific layout of the Odiditravel.com website that will surely help you find detailed information about tour packages and attractive places at home and abroad.


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